Wednesday, August 30, 2006

EVDO USB Modems, Here They Come


Many manufacturers are finally realizing that consumers want their EVDO in the USB form factor. Franklin has released a CDU-550, which is certified on the Sprint network. According to the Franklin EVDO USB Forums, there are many satisfied customers.

Novatel is next in line to have an EVDO USB Modem. They are rumored to be creating a new device for Sprint, which will be out 4th quarter 2006. Latest info, is it will be called Merlin U720.

Today, Sierra Wireless announced that they would introduce a USB EVDO modem in 1st Quarter of 2007.

The only manufacturer that has yet to announce a USB EVDO Modem is Kyocera.

We applaud this direction, since USB is a smart form factor. Not every computer has a PCMCIA slot, not every computer has an ExpressCard. Just about every computer on the planet has a USB connector. A USB form factor brings EVDO to Tablet PCs, Desktops and many laptops with PC Slots (iBook, PowerBook 12, MacBook, etc.).

There is another advantage of an EVDO USB Modem. When you insert a PC Card or ExpressCard into a computer, the card is very close to the RF interference of the computer. This interference or noise can impact the EVDO signal. If you can move the EVDO Modem away from this noise, you can actually improve the performance.