Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Franklin CDU-550 Issues

Despite a few blips on the road to USB Modem bliss, the Franklin devices have been activating and shipping out on schedule (the activation process is taking slightly longer than we would like - about 24 hours - but is generally painless). Booster-Antenna.com has been preactivting and configuring the modems for everyone that ordered new Sprint service, so the device is essentially plug-and-play once those customers receive it from us. Customers that ordered the USB modem without service (i.e., they wanted to transfer an existing contract onto the new device) were initially having trouble getting Sprint to do the swap for them; Sprint reps were claiming to have never heard of the device and believed the ESNs to be invalid. This problem stems from the fact that, since Sprint does not sell these modems directly, very few of their employees are familiar with the product and assume that Sprint does not support or recognize the device. Rest assured that the Franklin CDU-550 USB EVDO Modem is in fact certified by Sprint for use on their network! We have discovered that the "trick" to getting your contract moved over to your new USB device is to NOT mention the product by name when you call (it will just confuse them). Simply call the customer support line at 888-211-4727 and state that you have a new device and would like to do an "ESN swap" on your account. They will then ask you for your ESN, which is on both the device and the box, and your USB modem can be activated very quickly. Make sure you take a good look at the ESN, though, as some people have mistaken the letter "B" for the number "8" - that will cause the ESN to be invalid! In the current crop of Franklin modems being shipped out, the ESN starts with 3B. Check out the discussion at the EVDO Forums for the up-to-the-minute news on users' experiences with the new USB EVDO modem.

Update: Activations for Franklin USB Modems went much smoother.