Monday, August 28, 2006

Sierra ExpressCard 597E EVDO Rev A Announced

An EVDO Rev A ExpressCard, that works with MacBook Pros? Don't get too excited, Sierra is only announcing that this will be available 1st quarter 2007 (so we are 3-6 months away from being able to purchase this - probably from Sprint?)

Sierra is trying to slow down the sales of the Novatel V640 ExpressCard (Available only on Verizon's network) which doesn't have any competition, since it is the only ExpressCard on the market. The Novatel V640 is an EVDO Rev 0 version, and the newly announced Sierra ExpressCared 597E is based on the next version of EVDO, EVDO Rev A. Sprint and Verizon have yet to upgrade their network to support these faster speeds - but they are working on them now.

Other Important Features include:

- EVDO Rev A (compatible with EVDO Rev 0 and 1xRTT)
- Built-in GPS (aGPS)
- fixed antenna
- External Antenna port
- ExpressCard-to-PC Card adapter (We hope it works better than the Novatel ExpressCard Adapter - which has issues if you are running CardBus vs. CardBay)

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