Monday, August 28, 2006

V640 ExpressCard Adapter Compatibility Warning

We were initially very excited to hear about the ExpressCard Caddy, which was finally called the ExpressCard Adapter. It is a device that allows you to insert an ExpressCard into an adapter and use it in a standard PCMCIA slot.

Very cool idea...

However, after getting our hands on one, we are very disappointed in the compatibility of this device.

There are 2 types of PCMCIA adapters: Cardbus or Cardbay. Many new laptops will have CardBus, however, the majority of laptops use CardBay. CardBay is not compatible.

The ExpressCard Adapter didn't work in any PowerBook, Kyocera KR1 Router, Top Global Routers and MANY PCs that we tested.

It all comes down to if your device supports CardBay vs. CardBus. For more information on determining which one your PC has, see:

Novatel V640 ExpressCard Adapter Compatibility Cardbus vs. Cardbay

For those of you who have tested the ExpressCard Adapter and would like to report if it worked or didn't, you can report your results on EVDOforums at the following thread: ExpressCard to PC Card Adapter Success/Failure

Eventually, when Verizon decides to have a retail launch of the V640, we expect that the ExpressCard Adapter will cause more V640 returns because the uneducated reps at the Verizon stores will tell them it works - customers will get home and find out otherwise.