Thursday, August 31, 2006

Verizon V640 ExpressCard, Shipment 2

We shipped our second batch of Verizon's Novatel V640 ExpressCards (1/2 shipped on Wednesday 8/30, the remaining shipped on 8/31/2006). If you ordered one, all backorders have been shipped, check your email for your tracking number. If you have credit problems, check you email and/or voice mail for more information (tip, if you want one, order quickly, as there will be credit cancels and we will ship to the top of the list).

Verizon has once again delayed the official launch of the Verizon V640 (retail stores, indirect channels), until September 7th, 2006. see Verizon's Continued V640 Mislaunch.

After this official launch, ordering a V640 should be more available for immediate shipment (but the demand is still huge). If you are interested in getting one, you should order one, so that you can get in a line. We ship in the order that we receive your V640 order. If we get in a quantity sooner, you will get it sooner.

If you are planning on using the V640 ExpressCard Adapter, be sure to read this first: V640 ExpressCard Adapter Compatibility Warning