Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Verizon's Continued V640 Mislaunch

Much to the chagrin of hundreds of eagerly waiting ExpressCard-enabled computer users, the powers that be at Verizon have decided to push back the release date of the V640 yet again. Verizon has been vague about the launch of this product for months now. In the beginning of August we were assured by Verizon that we would receive close to 200 ExpressCards by the 11th - they later reneged and we had to scramble to convince them to ship us just 120 (not nearly enough to fulfill our preorders)! That first shipment of 120 ExpressCards was shipped to customers immediately, and we were subsequently assured that Verizon would be able to supply us with another batch on August 23rd - today.

I'm sure you can guess where this story is heading: Verizon has once again decided to withold their product from their customers. They have decided to delay the Retail Launch of the Novatel V640. The ExpressCards were not released to Verizon stores or to Booster-Antenna today, and they have refused to announce a firm date that they will become available, other than to say that they will be released in another 1 or 2 weeks. This leaves a plethora of potential customers out in the cold, including many who preordered several weeks ago and were not one of the first 120 that were shipped on the 11th. For those that have a V640 on backorder, there is a chance that we may get some in by Monday. We will post more information soon.

Verizon's continual misleading of both their agents and their customers has left a lot of people frustrated and could possibly damage their credibility as a trustworthy business. They have a guaranteed hot item in the Novatel V640 ExpressCard, but their hesitation with the release is eventually going to force customers to look to other providers to fulfill their Internet needs. However, since ExpressCards are not available from Sprint, there are not many choices, except to wait it out.