Thursday, August 10, 2006

Welcome to the EVDOinfo's Blog

Are you an EVDO fan? A potential user? A techie always searching for a "fix" of tech news and rumors? You have come to the right spot!

You may know us from our popular EVDO information site,, or perhaps you've even placed an order for one of our great products at We also run, a great place for EVDO users to share their tips and troubles with the EVDO community. If it's EVDO-related, EVDOguy's got the scoop, and now you can come here to check up on the juciest tidbits every day. Rumors (will Sprint ever release an ExpressCard solution?), news (the Novatel v640 is still backordered), hot topics (help! I bricked my KR1!), EVDO product reviews (just what is it that makes the KR1 so great?) - - - they'll all be addressed here.

Check in with the EVDOguy frequently...the info he'll divulge here may not be available anywhere else on the web!