Tuesday, September 26, 2006

EVDO-Coverage Con Artists

EVDOinfo.com & EVDOforums.com, has an excellent reputation for customer service, knowledg and being EVDO Experts. We take pride in our service and support we provide to our customers, along with the service our web site provide to the community.

A EVDO con man named Robert Kim, has been scamming customers for the longest time and we have many threads on Robert Kim on EVDOforums. This guy claims that EVDO can go 3000Kbps, or you can buy an amplifier and get 10 additional miles, or that he can SuperCharge any device and make it go faster (same free tip from us), and many other WILD claims.

Once again, he is trying to steal our identity and confuse customers. If you search in Google for EVDO, you will see the listing below. If you were looking for EVDOinfo or EVDOforums, you might accidently click on this link. Look closely, it is a different web site pretending to be us.

Feel free to call him and let him know what he is doing is wrong :)