Thursday, September 21, 2006

EVDO Rev A Cards Only Have EVDO Rev 0 Software

As you may have read on this blog or on EVDO Rev A Cards, Only Have EVDO Rev 0 Software on EVDOForums, Sprint has been making a big push to release new EVDO Rev A compatible PC cards in anticipation of their upgraded Rev-A system. Everyone is very excited about but the new development, but we have been hearing that the EVDO Rev A Software has not yet been completed by Qualcomm - There are 2 pieces that make EVDO cards work: the EVDO hardware and the EVDO software or firmware that is on the cards. If Qualcomm hasn't completed the software yet, how can Sprint be releasing these new EVDO Rev A PC Cards?

Apparently, the new EVDO Rev A Cards (Merlin S720 & AirCard 595) have the hardware to support EVDO Rev A, but the firmware that is included is only compatible with EVDO Rev 0. This means that at some point in the future there will be a firmware upgrade required in order to support EVDO Rev A.

This really isn't a big deal, since the Sprint Connection Manager (Windows 2000/XP Only) will automatically handle the firmware upgrade later, when Sprint decides to push the firmware upgrade out. However, if you are a Mac User, using our directions to hack your Mac into working, this will present a problem, since you will need to stick your card in a PC to do the firmware upgrade (users only using a Router will have the same issues with doing the firmware upgrade - you will need to access a computer with a PCMCIA slot to run the upgrade)

Sprint is estimating that the firmware upgrade will be available early 4Q’06.

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