Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Improved Coverage Maps for Sprint EVDO!

Wondering if Sprint has EVDO or 1xRTT coverage in your hometown? Finally, Sprint has created improved address-specific maps! Once you input your street address, the map zooms in to show you the coverage.

These maps are soon to be announced by Sprint AND may not be functioning, OR Sprint may decide to pull them until the official announcement. The link is currently NOT working.

The maps allow you to look at the Broadband coverage (called "Sprint Power Vision") as well as coverage for the slower-speed 1xRTT (called "Nationwide Sprint PCS") network.

Here is a map of the coverage at the EVDO Info office in Cary, IL. As you can see, we are well-covered by the broadband network.

Here is the same map, zoomed out to see coverage in the surounding area. The green area indicates that if we were to travel out towards Huntley we would leave the EVDO area and enter the 1xRTT area.

These new maps will be a huge help to people trying to determine whether to choose Sprint or Verizon for their EVDO needs. Existing Sprint users will also love it: you'll never have to wonder whether your travel destination will have Internet access again, just check ahead!

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