Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sprint First To Embed EVDO Rev A in Sony Laptops

Computer manufacturers have been embedding EVDO cards into certain laptop models for several months now, but Sony's new Vaio TX Series series will be the first to embed one of the newest EVDO Rev A cards. Laptops with embedded EVDO cards allow users to connect to Sprint's or Verizon's network (depending on the card embedded) without having to buy an external PC Card, ExpressCard or USB modem. Users simply activate their internal EVDO cards on the proper network (depending on whether the internal card is from Verizon or Sprint) and will have EVDO access wherever they go with their laptop!

Verizon has had many laptops this past year that include EVDO Rev 0 Cards. The Sony Vaio TX Series is the first laptop that has Sprint Mobile Broadband built-in AND is the first laptop with an embedded EVDO Rev A Device.

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