Friday, September 15, 2006

Sprint to Release Pantech PX-500 and Sierra Aircard 595 EVDO Rev A Cards

Just weeks after releasing the Merlin s720 card, Sprint announcedTuesday that they will be offering 2 more Rev A-capable broadband cards by the end of this year. The s720, Pantech PX-500, and Sierra Aircard 595 wil all work with the current EVDO network, but once Sprint upgrades their network to Rev A the cards will seamlessly switch over and offer their users faster download speeds and much zippier upload speeds.

According to Sprint, the Aircard 595 (left) will feature a high-performance, durable, built-in antenna and will be sold later this year. Suggested retail price for the AirCard 595 is $249.99 without a new contract or $99.99 with a new two-year contract. The Pantech PX-500 (right) will cost $199.99 without a new contract and is available for free with a two-year subscriber agreement and mail-in-rebate!

All 3 of the Rev A-compatible cards are in PCMCIA format, so MacBook Pro users or anyone with an ExpressCard-only computer will not be able to use the cards without a router. The techies at Booster Antenna have tested the S720 and have created a hack to allow it to work with PowerBooks that do have PC card slots, but they haven't received the AC595 or PX-500 for testing yet. Check back with EVDO Info and Booster Antenna for updates on Mac compatibility of the 2 new cards!

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