Friday, September 08, 2006

Verizon vs. Sprint, Battle Of The Coverage Maps?

Something big will happen in the coming weeks.

Verizon & Sprint are getting smart. EVDO all comes down to coverage and being able to let future customers be able to see coverage for specific areas. Neither Sprint or Verizon have been very good at keeping their maps updated (see this story). However, they both have been getting better.

Soon, we will see some big improvements, when it comes to showing current EVDO Coverage.

Verizon will be displaying "Future EVDO Coverage Areas" on their maps. This will really help people decide if they are going to get EVDO or not (I wonder if they will say when, unlikely). The current internal maps at Verizon are 3 months old.

Sprint has already started displaying "Future Coverage Areas", but they are going to do something even better. They are going to show on their maps what signal quality is like for your location. Now, there are a lot of factors involved to get this right (or guess at it), but it will allow consumers to determine if they get EVDO signal.

We feel that giving customers the tools to get answers will only lead to more customers signing up.

Check Sprint Mobile Broadband Coverage Maps

Check Verizon BroadbandAccess Coverage Maps

This just in, check out the more detailed coverage maps at: