Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Locking on to Verizon EVDO only

Recently had to help a frustrated customer resolve a situation that has happened too often not to blog about it. The customer appeared to have been equi-distant to two strong signals, one was EVDO and one was 1xRTT. Because of this, the card he was using would constantly switch signals, which resulted in sometimes fast, sometimes slow connection speeds. Very bad.

Adding a Booster Antenna wasn't going to help because it would have boosted both signals. Sure, using a directional antenna might have fixed the problem, but this customer wasn't willing to go through a process to figure out where the EVDO tower was.

The customer's request was simple: "Can't I just lock on to only EVDO signal?"

Simple enough, right? Sprint customers have been able to do this for a while now (Merlin S720 Allows EVDO Locking) . But this customer had already tried Sprint service in his area and was unimpressed by its top speed. It never switched back and forth between slow and fast, it was just not fast. The coverage in his area was just not good enough, so he canceled the Sprint account, and decided to test Verizon.

He loved the top speed of Verizon's connection, when he got it. He just wanted it all the time. Some customers are finicky like that.

But Verizon, in all its wisdom, decided to remove the ability to lock onto EVDO-only signal many moons ago. Nothing currently available from Verizon will let a customer lock out 1xRTT and lock only to EVDO signal.

Now comes the happy ending.

Remembering that at one time, there was a way to do this with Verizon, we dug up an older (PC5220) sold it to him with Verizon service. The customer had already reviewed this article on EVDOinfo.com - Sniffing Out EVDO Towers - and was willing to see if the solution would work for him.

The night the customer got his delivery, he anxiously started following the article's instructions, and was overjoyed when he got his wish! EVDO ONLY! No more switching back and forth between slow and fast. Oh Joy!

Needless to say, we really like happy customers :)

Hey Verizon - if you like happy customers as well, why not update your current hardware/software offerings and give your customers the option to lock on to EVDO-only signal!?! For those customer directly between a fast BroadbandAccess and NationalAccess tower, you will give them an option that they do not have now (perhaps you will get less returns and cancels too).