Friday, October 06, 2006

PX-500, an EVDO Rev A PCMCIA Performer

The Cheap Card, finally hasn't missed the boat :)

The first cheap EVDO Card was the PC5740 and it was the only EVDO card without an antenna port. This meant that if you are in a "signal challenged" area, you have no options to add an external antenna or amplifier. We gained many customers who returned their PC-5740, canceled their Verizon or Sprint service and purchased an EVDO card that supported an external antenna.

Now we have a new "cheap card" (get it for free), and this time they added an external antenna port, (along with a flip up antenna). The antenna port allows you to hook up antennas and amplifiers.

So, what is missing with this card?

We have found that it performs incredible well and get this, it even comes with a leather carrying case. This card currently doesn't work in Macs or Kyocera KR1 or LinkSys WRT54G3G. The card includes support for EVDO Rev A, so when Sprint starts firing up the EVDO Rev A towers, the performance of this card will increase.

The Pantech PX-500 is a great entry level PCMCIA Card that supports 1xRTT, EVDO Rev 0 and EVDO Rev A.