Monday, October 23, 2006

Sprint Releases EVDO Rev A Firmware

If you have one of the new Sprint EVDO Rev A PCMCIA cards from Sprint (Merlin S720, Pantech PX-500, Aircard 595), we have good news for you. Tonight, Sprint released updated Connection Managers that update the firmware of these EVDO Rev A cards to actually go faster when in an EVDO Rev A area. Sprint started shipping the EVDO Rev A cards with EVDO Rev 0 software, but now with the latest firmware updates released, your Sprint cards can go at the faster EVDO speeds (only when in a newer EVDO Rev A City).

To Download the latest updates visit:

If you would like to discuss the latest updates, visit the following threads on

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Also, for the latest reports of EVDO Rev A Cities, see:

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