Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sprint S720 Rev A Firmware Warning

Warning: Upgrading your S720 Firmware May Disable EVDO

We were very excited about the Sprint EVDO Rev A announcements today. They actually started last night as Sprint released the EVDO Rev A firmware that is required to enable your EVDO Rev A card to work at the faster speeds.

After performing the upgrade, we noticed a very disturbing "feature". Our office has had EVDO Rev 0 for many many months and we had a very strong signal. After performing the upgrade, we were no longer able to connect at EVDO, only 1xRTT. So instead of getting the 400Kbps - 700Kbps (or 1Mbps) average download speeds, we were stuck at 50Kbps - 100Kbps speeds. We tried the trick to lock in EVDO and that didn't work either.

We encourage everyone to read the EVDOforums thread below for the latest information BEFORE upgrading:

S720 Connection Manager 3.7.5 - ISSUE After Upgrade - EVDOforums.com