Thursday, November 30, 2006

Verizon Hints At EVDO Rev-A Upgrade

Back in October, Sprint rolled out its Rev-A network starting in San Diego. Since that time, many have asked how long Verizon can stay quiet about their plans to launch Rev-A.

We're now hearing that some Verizon customers are getting postcards (talk about old skool) that advise customers to do a firmware upgrade or else "your PC Card or PDA will no longer be able to connect to BroadbandAccess effective February 2007".

Hmmm. Upgrade or Else. Nice. See for yourself at this Verizon site: BroadbandAccess Device Update

Reading between the lines its clear that a major network upgrade is coming, which should definitely mean Rev-A, right? RIGHT?

Its curious to me that they actually leave it up to your imagination in that announcement instead of clearly saying "Our Rev-A Network Launches February 2007".

Regardless, the folks who do need to upgrade their firmware (mostly those that purchased their cards before December 2005) need to do so for compatibility with whatever the upgraded network provides. It does NOT say that the upgraded devices will be able to take advantage of faster Rev-A speeds, they won't be able to, since Rev A devices require a new chipset.

Because of chipset requirements, Verizon is going to have to announce and sell a whole new line of Rev-A devices in conjunction with their Rev-A network rollout, whenever that happens.

We have heard that for the last 3 months that only Rev A basestations have been available, so when Verizon "flips the switch" in February, they actually may have a very large EVDO Rev A footprint.

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