Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Use an EVDO ExpressCard in a PC Card Slot

More and more these days, laptop manufacturers are starting to use ExpressCard slots instead of PC Card (PCMCIA) slots. To satisfy the new breed, Verizon launched the V640 ExpressCard in early August and in late August we tested Verizon's ExpressCard/PC Card adapter only to find out that more often than not, it did not work as advertised. Read all the horror stories here.

Recently we tested a brand new adapter and tested it in as many ways as we could, and guess what?

This one works!

We even have video proof. Check it out.

Now folks who have older laptops with PC card slots can buy the V640 ExpressCard and not worry about having to get a different card when they get a newer laptop.

We've started a new forum thread that will report success and failures of the adapter, as more and more people buy and use them.

You can also purchase one if you have a V640 ExpressCard, or purchase a V640 and ExpressCard Adapter together.