Friday, December 22, 2006

Verizon EVDO Rev-A Sightings

Sprint made a big deal when it launched its EVDO Rev-A network in San Diego last October. Soon as they did, EVDO users everywhere began murmuring about Verizon's plans for Rev-A. As months have passed, the murmurs became screams: "How can Verizon continue to be silent about its Rev-A plans, and let Sprint look like the clear Rev-A winner?"


Then a rumor busts out last week about Verizon launching its EVDO Rev-A network on December 15th. The rumor was true and Verizon began selling its first Rev-A hardware, the Sierra AirCard 595, a Rev-A PC Card.

No fanfare from Verizon at all. In fact there was denial at first. Nobody at Verizon claims to have known about this launch. Finally, one Verizon rep implied to many bloggers - "Idiots, all the recent PR over the past few months were really for Rev-A networks."

Now that users are getting their hands on the Sierra ac595 card, Verizon won't be able to keep their Rev-A networks as a hidden secret, much longer. Reports of Verizon's Rev-A networks are already showing up on this EVDO FORUMS thread on Verizon Rev-A Sightings. Early reports include Chicago, Dallas and Washington DC... watch the thread grow quickly over the next few days, as more and more users get the Sierra 595 cards and report their results.

Could it be that Verizon has more Rev-A coverage than Sprint and is planning one major announcement, rather than Sprint's approach of tell-as-you-go? Only time will tell.

A last note about the Verizon Rev-A hardware... Mac users have long enjoyed Verizon's commitment to having a connection manager that runs on MacOSX, but the Sierra AC595 did not come with a Mac version of VZAccess Manager at launch. The card is not made Mac-compatible by Verizon.

Fear not, Mac users. has got your back!

For their Mac customers of Verizon's Sierra AirCard 595 Rev-A PC Card, will take necessary steps to prepare the card for Mac use... those steps include activation on windows laptop, upgrading firmware for Rev-A networks, and shipping compatible software on CD.

If thats not enough to convince you to deal with the EVDO Experts at EVDO INFO, this should do the trick: When you buy your Sierra 595 from sister site, you will pay $30 less than the Verizon site or store!

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