Friday, January 12, 2007

iPhone EVDO or Give me iPhone3G

What a huge disappointment that Apple Inc selected EDGE for the "high speed" internet connection for the iPhone.

EDGE will go 75 - 135Kbps

EVDO Rev A will go 500Kbps - 900Kbps (with bursts to 3.1Mbps - we were recently averaging 1,200Kbps - 2,000Kbps)

This is a reason why Steve Jobs gave a demo on WiFi and not EDGE. EDGE isn't very high speed, just ask users who use it.

Cingular is working on a high speed network called HSDPA, but HSDPA isn't widely available, like EVDO is in the US. The reason Apple selected EDGE was so that it would work globally. However, many companies have a GSM (EDGE) and CDMA (EVDO) version of the same phone.

The question is, how long before Apple releases a 3G (especially EVDO) based iPhone? That is what we want/need!

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