Sunday, January 28, 2007

Novatel / Merlin EX720 Rev A ExpressCard by Sprint

Feb 18 2007 - NOW SHIPPING

Their are pictures floating around of the EVDO Novatel Merlin EX720 Rev A ExpressCard coming out from Sprint. This device will be in the 34mm form factor and be compatible with laptops that have an ExpressCard/34 or ExpressCard/54. Since the other Novatel 720 family (U720 and S720) both have GPS, we are guessing that the Novatel EX720 will also have built-in GPS support. Since the U720/720 also have both a flip up antenna and an external antenna port, we expect the Novatel EX720 to have the same.

Mac OS X Support

The Merlin EX720 does not work "off the shelf" with MacBook Pros. However, when ordering a Merlin EX720 from us (the Mac EVDO Experts), we will do the following:
  • pre-activate the EX720 before shipping
  • upgrade the firmware (Sprint Firmware required by 4/30)
  • update the PRL - needed for roaming
  • include a CD for PowerBooks and MacBook Pros
  • provide free Mac Support (only if you purchase from us, Sprint doesn't support Macs - WE DO)!
Big hint. If you have a PowerBook, you can order your Merlin EX720 with an ExpressCard adapter and then use the EX720 in your existing 15 or 17 inch PowerBook. When ready to upgrade to a MacBook Pro, just remove the ExpressCard adapter and use the EX720 in your MacBook Pro. Read more on the EX720 & MacBook Pro

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