Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Verizon Supports Rev-A On Mac OSX

Verizon Releases VZAccess Manager 3.1.3 - Brings Rev-A Support To Mac OSX

With the latest release of its connection manager software, Verizon is once again showing its love for Mac OSX users.

What's the big deal? Sprint's had Rev-A devices out for a few months now, and we've got them working on Macs for a while now, right? Yes, but not because of anything Sprint has done!

With VZAccess Manager 3.1.3, Mac users now have official - and more importantly - supported software that enables Rev-A EVDO on Macs. With this software, Mac users can clearly tell when they are in a Rev-A network, and know what their signal strength is in bars and dBM. With Sprint, Mac users are able to connect, but real user interface niceties are only something they can wish for.

The new version appears to provide support for Verizon's forthcoming Novatel USB720 USB modem and Pantech PX-500 PCMCIA card, and is likely to support a rumored Novatel Rev-A ExpressCard.

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