Saturday, February 24, 2007

Apple WWAN Update Breaks Mac VZAccess

Apple released Apple WWAN Update recently and it added support for some new EVDO ExpressCard and USB Modems. This was great news for Sprint U720 & EX720, because, they don't have a native connection manager that offers:

- Card Activation
- PRL Updates
- Firmware Updates
- Showing Signal Strength
- Showing Network (1X vs Rev 0 vs Rev A)

However, Verizon has been offering VZAccess for Macs for the since August 2005 and every new EVDO device that Verizon ships, they have been offering a verzion of VZAccess Manager (except the AirCard 595).

The Apple WWAN update is only for Intel based Macs. If you are currently using VZAccess on your Novatel V640 Rev 0 ExpressCard or Novatel USB720 Rev A USB Modem and everything is working great, after installing the Apple WWAN Update, your Mac will no longer be able to connect. Both the Apple driver and VZAccess software will fight over the same card and neither will be able to work :(

There was a similar problem with Mac OS X 10.4.7 and VZAccess for older EVDO Cards, but this is a lot worse, since neither VZAccess or Apple drivers will work.

If you are currently using VZAccess or will soon be, DON'T install the Apple WWAN update.

We are working on a tech note for our customers that explain how to remove the Apple WWAN update or VZAccess, so that you can at least use one of them (if you purchased your Verizon V640/USB720 from, email support at for directions, include your full name and/or invoice number).