Thursday, February 08, 2007

Kyocera ExpressCard KPC680 Rev A for Verizon

The Rev A ExpressCard market is about to heat up. Novatel has just announced the Merlin EX720 to be available on Sprint by the end of February 2007. So, the big question, is what is Verizon going to do with Rev A ExpressCards? They were the first to have an ExpressCard (Novatel V640), a Rev 0 ExpressCard. But, what about Rev A ExpressCards? They delivered the Novatel V740.

After the V740, we expect Verizon to have the Kyocera Rev A ExpressCard, called the KPC680.

Verizon has a special relationship with Kyocera. Verizon had the best performing Kyocera KPC650, not Sprint. The KPC650 outperformed all other PCMCIA EVDO Cards. So, can Kyocera do it again with a Rev A ExpressCard? According to sources at Kyocera, "We are not first to market, but we enter and clean up". Time will tell, if that is going to be true.

It may be hard to test the Merlin EX720 against the Kyocera ExpressCard. One is going to be for Sprint and one for Verizon. They use 2 different networks - so it may be hard to benchmark one against the other - BUT we will, as soon as they are available.

There is one thing we can probably guess at. Verizon will offer native Mac OS X support for the Kyocera Rev A ExpressCard, and it is too early to tell about Sprint. Sprint has yet to offer native Mac OS X support for any of their cards.

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