Friday, February 23, 2007

Merlin EX720 Support For MacBook Pro

Sprint recently released the first EVDO Rev A ExpressCard, called the Merlin EX720. This is great news. If you have a MacBook Pro, don't run into your Sprint store just yet. You see, Sprint doesn't support Macs (at all). When you purchase a Merlin EX720 from Sprint or a Sprint Store, when you get home and stick in the EX720 in your MacBook Pro, it won't work. The included CD doesn't support Macs either.

The good news, Apple and Novatel recently released Mac Drivers to help get things working. The bad news, if you have a support issue and call Apple, they will tell you to call Sprint. When you call Sprint, they will only support Windows.

Enter and

We have been supporting Macs and EVDO since 2005. We have always provided support to Mac customers and we will continue with the EX720 and U720.

When purchasing your Merlin EX720 from us, you get the same pricing as purchasing it from Sprint directly, but you get these important differences:
  • preactivate card for MacBook Pro Use
  • include all needed Mac software on CD
  • include 8 page PDF on CD
  • provide free support (telephone, email, iChat) - we charge $75 per incident if you purchased elsewhere
EVDOinfo recently became a Sprint Master Agent, which means we can:
  • honor your existing corporate discounts you may already get with Spint
  • honor employee purchase programs you may qualify for with Sprint and your employer
  • Also, we offer discounts on antennas and amplifiers (currently 50% booster antenna, when you purchase an EX720)\
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