Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Merlin XUA-1 ExpressCard to USB Adapter

Merlin XUA1 to allow ExpressCards to work Over USB 2.0

While reading a recent press release from Novatel Wireless, there was a little surprise at the end of the press release. Here is an excerpt:

"To support the broadest possible use of the advantages of ExpressCards, the Novatel Wireless' Merlin XUA-1 allows customers that do not have ExpressCard slots to use the company's ExpressCards through the USB 2.0 ports on either their laptop or desktop PCs. The Y-cable design of the adapter delivers a boost for improved RF performance and delivers improved performance in fringe reception areas."

So, the XUA-1 will allow an ExpressCard to be used via USB. WOW! What a great idea. Buy an ExpressCard and then hookup via the XUA-1 to any desktop or laptop.

We already have been selling a version from Novatel that converts an ExpressCard to PCMCIA (to be used in Routers or PowerBooks), and this device works great.

We will post more information to EVDOinfo.com & EVDOforums.com as more information on the ExpressCard to USB Adapter becomes available.

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