Monday, February 26, 2007

Sprint EVDO Customers can't install Pantech PX-500 Card

Once again, we've stumbled across a unique EVDO problem, and are first to publish a solution.

On EVDOforums, a post named: Pantech PX-500 doesnt like my laptop, tells of a couple of Sprint customers who recently purchased the Pantech PX-500 Rev-A EVDO Card, only to find out they were unable to get it working right on their windows laptops.

Instead of smooth sailing with their PX500, they were given messages about "error 1722" and "CMPWI: the tcp/ip protocol is not installed properly" -- after all of that, the users attempts to get online results in endless "acquiring network address" message. Um. Yeah. What-ever.

What's the fix you ask? Well in this case, to go forwards, you go backwards.

Revert to an older version of the connection manager by downloading version from the Sprint web site. On the download page for the older version is this text:

Please note: If a customer is having issues installing software on a new laptop. Install this version of software for the Pantech PX500 first.
Once software is installed:

1. Click "menu"
2. Click "software updates"
3. Click "check now"
This will update the software to version 3.02.021
So there you have it.
Problem identified.
Problem solved.

You're welcome!