Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Verizon Rolling out EVDO Rev-A Quickly


In less than a week, Verizon Wireless has put out several press releases touting their Rev-A rollout.

Chicago, Rhode Island, Indianapolis, Connecticut, New Mexico, Texas, California, and Hawaii. (Maybe more by the time this blog is posted)

Verizon went from being very quiet about Rev-A to being very, very noisy.

The funny thing is, it all started to happen just a week after we launched EVDOmaps.com - which was leaking information to the world, about where Verizon's Rev-A networks had been confirmed by our 'man on the street'.

The timing was just a coincidence? maybe. maybe not.

We were the first to break the news to the world that Verizon had Rev-A turned on in certain cities when we blogged about it here: "Live from Chicago: Its Verizon Rev-A"

Just before Verizon made their Rev-A announcement, EVDOmaps.com already had over 50 locations identified by members of EVDOforums.com - in an attempt to get the word out as early as possible.

Now that Verizon has got its PR Machine in overdrive, telling the world which cities 'officially' have their Rev-A networks, some think EVDOmaps.com may have lost its purpose.

Not really... Because our forum fanatics are constantly testing for more Rev-A 'sightings', and it will always show more useful information than the carriers official coverage maps.