Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sierra Aircard 595U - Mac Compatible

Sierra and Sprint will soon be shipping the Aircard 595U, which is the latest EVDO Rev A USB device. The unique features of this USB modem are:

  • Included Cradle - (can be used in cradle or directly in USB port)
  • Swivel USB connector, so that the USB connector is protected OR the device can sit upright when plugged in USB port (may help reception)
  • internal rechargeable battery (always recharging form USB), and when in weaker signal areas can use battery to help with performance
  • External antenna port for external antennas and amplifiers (see 3Gstore for more info)
  • Mac OS X compatibility (more on this after shipping - it WILL be Mac compatible, but will require pre-activation from the and an additional CD that we will include)
We will have more to say after we get a 595U for testing.

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Top Global 3G Mobile Router - MB6800 Announced

Top Global officially announced the MB6800 Mobile Router last week at the CTIA Wireless Show.

Please Read: Why 3Gstore stopped selling Top Global routers

Imagine the MB6000 (pyramid shape), except in a much smaller form factor (like the Kyocera KR1).

No official retail price has yet been set on the MB6800. It supports all EVDO PCMCIA cards and since it has a USB port, it may even support the USB EVDO devices (U720 & USB720).

The MB6800 has a new technology that allows it to recognize new cards without having to upgrade the firmware.

We are expecting a demo unit in sometime in April and we will give a full review at that time. The MB6800 is expected to be available by the end of April 2007

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CISCO 3G WAN Interface Card

At the CTIA Wireless Show in Orlando (3/28/2007), Cisco announced a new WAN interface card that allows primary or secondary (backup) over a EVDO connection. You have a T1 line (or other supported fast internet connection), BUT what happens when your T1 goes down? With an EVDO backup (Verizon or Sprint), your router will AUTOMATICALLY connection within a few seconds and start using the EVDO connection. The following Cisco Routers are supported:
  • Cisco 1841 Integrated Services Router
  • Cisco 2800 Series
  • Cisco 3800 Series Integrated Services Routers
The $850 WAN interface card includes an embedded Sierra Wireless Rev A Module. A version for Verizon OR Sprint is available. This solution is good for outbound traffic vs hosting solutions, since the IP Address will change when T1 goes down and the EVDO connection quickly resumes.

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At the CTIA Wireless Show last week (Orlando, March 2007), Qualcomm announced EVDO Rev B. EVDO Rev B uses 3 channels of EVDO Rev A (3.1Mbps) to achieve a maximum speed of 9.3Mbps. Or, take the average speed of EVDO Rev A and multiple by 3 and you get the average speeds of EVDO Rev B.

A Few Facts...
  • Software only upgrade for EVDO Rev A Towers
  • Requires new chipset for PC Cards (EVDO Rev A cannot be upgraded - you need a new card)
  • Available to carriers later this year, could be later 2008/2009 before available?
  • Current EVDO Rev A has a maximum of 3.1Mbps, Rev B uses 3 channels to achieve the 3X speeds (or 9.3Mbps).
  • Verizon or Sprint have not yet announced they are going to Rev B (yet).
  • in a demo we saw, streaming of 8.7Mbps - 9.0Mbps was constant.
Neither Verizon or Sprint has announced EVDO Rev B. Qualcomm is only announcing it for the carriers and it may not be ready for delivery until later in 2007. We would expect 2008/2009 as a date to see Rev B (perfect timing when your current 2 year contract expires).

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Franklin Wireless Introduces CDU680 aka Sprint U680 Rev-A USB Modem

06/15/08 UPDATE: The Sprint U680 is the Sprint-branded unit that takes the place of the Franklin CDU680, and is available now at for just $29.99 after rebate.

At the 2007 CTIA show in Florida, Franklin Wireless introduced their new CDU680 Rev-A USB Modem.

The CDU680 is the follow-up to the CDU550 that we started selling with Sprint service back in August 2006.

Sprint has certified the CDU680 for use on Sprint networks, and it is now on sale at

We got our hands on one early, and our complete review is available on at the link below.

Read the CDU680 Review Review of CDU680
Read the full press release on
Discuss the CDU680 on

Monday, March 26, 2007

SierraWireless AC595U Rev-A USB to launch on Sprint

At CTIA 2007 this morning, Sierra Wireless announced that their new AirCard 595U Rev-A USB Modem will debut on Sprint's Mobile BroadBand Network sometime in April, 2007.

The device is said to be priced similar to the Novatel U720 that Sprint already offers: $49.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate.

The AirCard 595U can be plugged directly into the USB ports of notebook or desktop computers, or can be connected through an included docking cradle.

The AirCard 595U includes an internal battery to ensure optimal performance, offers GPS capability to enable "locate and search" functionality, and is said to support both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Read the full press release on

Friday, March 23, 2007

Sprint EVDO Rev A Live in Chicago

According to users on, Sprint added EVDO Rev A to Chicago over the last 12 hours. Look for a press release in the coming days or weeks from Sprint.

With Rev A, users will see 25% faster downloads, 400% - 800% faster uploads and lower latency. Users of Rev A cards (EX720, U720, S720, PX-500, AC595), will automatically see faster speeds (no need to do anything).

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

VZAccess Manager and Mac OS X 10.4.9 Conflict

Verizon V740, USB720, V640 Conflict with VZAccess and Mac OS X 10.4.9

Many users are going to get their brand new Verizon USB720 or Novatel V740 Rev A ExpressCard and attempt to do the first time install with the included VZAccess and after VZAccess Manager asks them to insert their new Verizon card, they will be stuck on the following message:
Nothing that you do will allow VZAccess to "see" your V740, USB720 or V640.

OUCH, I thought the EVDO Experts at /, told me that this stuffed all worked. Well we did, BUT Apple's recently added EVDO support to Mac OS X 10.4.9 / Apple WWAN Update and it conflicts with Verizon's VZAccess (that is included with your Verizon cards).

Does this problem affect the Sprint Merlin EX720 or U720? Nope! Since, Sprint doesn't have a native connection manager for Apple, there are no conflicts (hint, we still need a native Sprint connection manager, since you cannot activate, update firmware, or see when you are in a Rev A area, without a supported connection manager).

We wonder how many Mac users (who purchased direct, VZW Store, or other resellers) will call Verizon Tech Support and after explaining that their brand new card is being recognized by VZAccess Manager, Verizon will probably say, "Your card must be bad, we will send you out a replacement". Until Verizon or Apple fixes this, many mac users will start off with a bad taste in their mouth.

If you purchased your Verizon V740 or USB720 from, please send an email to support at with a subject of 'Send WWAN Removal PDF', be sure to include your full name, so that we an confirm you purchased your Verizon card from us (we only provide support for our customers).

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Sprint EVDO Mobile Broadband and Vista

Hello Vista, We Have a Problem!

There is a big problem going on right now for Vista users who purchase a new Sprint Mobile Broadband Card. If your laptop ONLY has Vista (as most brand new laptops that you might purchase), if you walk into a Sprint store and purchase a Mobile Broadband card, you will soon find out the problem. The CD that is included is for Windows XP and will not install under Windows Vista. If you do not have an alternate internet connection, you will not be able to use your connection card. We found this out from a very patient customer (thanks Mr. McCurdy). He had to drive around looking for open WiFi hotspots to download the latest Vista software. Once he got the latest, one of technical support guys talked him through the installation. We don't want any other customers to go through this, so we have added a new option when ordering Sprint EVDO cards from

A service that we have been offering for Mac Users (for some time), is now available for Vista Users. We now offer Pre-Activation of your Sprint Cards AND we include a CD with the latest Vista Drivers. That way, when you get your new Sprint EVDO Card, you will not have to drive around or steal WiFi to make your new EVDO Card work.

First check to make sure the card you want, is Vista Compatible, check our EVDO Device Comparison. You can also check on latest Vista EVDO Compatibility info on our EVDOforums thread: Vista and EVDO Cards - Compatibility Info. Of course, you can always contact us directly.

Next, when placing an your order at, be sure to select the Pre-Activation option, which means we activate your EVDO card before shipping it to you.

Sprint EVDO Corporate Discounts

You have a dilemma. You get Sprint corporate discounts, or employee purchase discounts direct from Sprint, BUT you want to purchase your device from /, because of the Mac Support and other expert support they provide. Maybe you want additional discounts you get on routers, amplifiers, antennas, that you only get when purchasing your cards with activation from 3Gstore?

Since the / became a Sprint Master Agent, we are able to offer the following:
  • Honor your existing corporate discounts you get from Sprint (ability to add to your existing bill).
  • Honor Employee Purchase Programs you have with Sprint (work for a large corporation, take advantage of your employee discount).
  • Discounts on routers/antennas/amplifiers when you purchase your connection card w/service from us.
  • Offer another layer of support/service vs. buying direct (you can call us for support before calling Sprint).
  • Besides expert support, we also have a full range of products that are not offered in one place (Sprint Cards, Mac Support, 5 different antennas, 4 different routers, Amplifiers, etc.).
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Verizon V740 Rev A ExpressCard Announced

Verizon Announces Novatel V740 Rev A ExpressCard for Windows and MacBook Pro.

Today Verizon announced that their first EVDO Rev A ExpressCard will have a retail launch on March 30, 2007. The V740 is a Rev A ExpressCard/34 that replaces the Novatel V640, which was Verizon's first EVDO Rev 0 ExpressCard. A Rev A device will be roughly 25% faster at downloading and up 500 - 800% faster at uploading (compared to a Rev 0 device).

Verizon will be selling the Novatel V740 for $179.99 with a 2 year contract. is selling the V740 for $109.99 with a 2 year contract. Also, order now and add a booster antenna for 50% off. We will be starting to ship the V740 on Monday 3/19/2007 (supplies are limited).

The V740 will work with the included VZAccess software, or you can use the latest Apple WWAN drivers.

Order a Novatel V740 now and be the first to get one. We will ship them in order that we receive orders. Your credit card will not be charged until we ship to you.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

EVDO Rev A vs. EVDO Rev 0

EVDO Rev 0 vs EVDO Rev A

We get this question every day, so, here is some information regarding EVDO Rev A vs. EVDO Rev 0.

EVDO Rev A is 25% faster at downloading and up to 800% faster at uploading (and has lower latency).

Both Sprint and Verizon are currently upgrading their EVDO Rev 0 towers to support EVDO Rev A.

Older Rev 0 cards are compatible with Rev A towers, BUT at Rev 0 speeds.

You need both a Rev A card and Rev A network for faster speeds (and lower latency).

Since you have to sign up for a 1 (or most likely 2 year contract), DON'T get an EVDO Rev 0 card. You will find it very costly to upgrade to a Rev A card once you are already in a contract ($250 - $330).

The current Rev A cards are:

Sprint Order Form
Merlin EX720 ExpressCard
Novatel S720 PCMCIA
Ovation U720 USB
Pantech PX-500 PCMCIA
Sierra AirCard 595

Verizon Order Form
Novatel V740 ExpressCard
Novatel USB720 USB
Audiovox PC5750 PCMCIA
Sierra AirCard 595 PCMCIA

The above lists are as of 3/25/2007. For the latest news and info visit:
Check out our newest EVDO website for a cool way to view EVDO network coverage:

Monday, March 05, 2007

Why Buy EVDO From

Our Cary, Illinois company has been around since 1988, and began focusing its efforts on EVDO in 2004 after they realized that there were few sites providing helpful and honest information about EVDO products and services. Today we operate five websites, each representing EVDO for a different reason, but always with the mission of providing helpful information to the internet audience who is searching for it.

Our company is both a Sprint Master Agent and an authorized Verizon reseller. We are very well versed in both carrier's entire EVDO Data Device product lines, and in many cases we not only had product available for sale first, but we also have online product reviews long before anyone else does.

With the exposure gained by operating our highly-trafficked news/portal site -- -- we have attracted thousands of people interested in EVDO devices and service.

To help our customers learn about EVDO, we've talked on the phone for hours on end, answered thousands and thousands of emails, and chatted on every imaginable instant-messenging network. We've even answered emails from our cell phones while we were at soccer games, dinner engagements, family gatherings and countless other situations where most retailers would never normally be 'in touch'. Much to the chagrin of our beloved spouses and children!

As a result, our super-secure ecommerce site -- (formerly -- has sold thousands of EVDO devices from both carriers. How secure is it? VERY secure. Most online stores are using 'industry-standard' SSL certificates. With today's online fraud, 'standard' SSL should not be considered secure enough for your purchases. is the first and quite possibly the only EVDO specialty retailer that has deployed an 'Extended Validation" SSL Certificate. Also known as "EV SSL", these certificates require a much more rigorous background check into the company and its ownership. Many companies will apply for EV SSL, but only a few like, will qualify. If you use Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP or Windows Vista, its easy to see this new level of security for yourself... just look for the 'Green Bar' with the padlock, to see which site is properly secured, and deserving of your business.

While we do sell a lot of EVDO devices by themselves, most of what we've sold were part of 'EVDO solutions' that included any combination of the antennas, amplifiers, and EVDO routers the we have tested and feel confident enough to sell and support. For some of our customers, it wasn't either/or - it was all of the above!

We've been asked to configure EVDO solutions for all kinds of people and all kinds of scenarios. Here are just a few examples:
  • Business Executives who live 'On-The-Go'
  • Special Event/Expo/Convention/Show Hotspots
  • Campsite, Cabin, Lake Home internet access
  • Full-Time RV’ers
  • Celebrity Tour Buses and other specialty vehicles
  • Limousine and Executive Taxi Fleets
  • In-vehicle Realtime GPS Tracking
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Marine/Offshore users
  • Construction Site Office
  • Security and/or Progress-Watching webcams
  • Overcoming client sites with restrictive networks
  • Remote data collection/distribution
  • Post-Op surgical monitoring
  • Short term installations at hospitals/clinics
Its hard to imagine someone calling us and asking for a solution we haven't already sold and supported many times over... But we look forward to the challenge.

If you are a Mac user looking for an EVDO solution, we have been providing Mac EVDO solutions for many years. We have provided hacks and directions to get almost all EVDO devices working with Macs, long before anyone else :)

Our product knowledge comes not just from personal experience, but because we've sold and supported so much of the product. Because of our sales volume, many of our vendors have taken an interest in us and provide special support that allows us to provide the best possible service to our customers. Want an example? Check out this forum thread. Now, that's service! For more about what our customers say about 3GStore, check out these Customer Comments.

We don't know of any company that represents as complete a package as 3GStore does:
  • actual users of EVDO data devices and options/accessories;
  • resellers of all EVDO data devices from both major carriers;
  • expert resellers for EVDO options like routers/antennas/amps;
  • experienced pre-sales engineering and consultation staff;
  • online store with (rare) EV SSL certificate;
  • phone sales/support from 9am to 7pm central time, Monday to Friday;
  • free post-sale customer support for our entire line of products;
  • drop-ship capabilities from warehouses in three states;
  • popular EVDO news/portal and user forums websites;
  • Usually first to get newest devices;
  • Many special relationships throughout the industry.
Without a doubt, the most important reason to deal with 3Gstore is that our expertise provides our customers with the best possible support.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Kyocera KPC650 Vista Drivers Available

One of the most popular EVDO Rev 0 cards has been the Kyocera KP650. This has always been a Verizon Exclusive (AllTel has it, but Sprint never did).

As Novatel released Vista Drivers and support over the last month, it looked like Windows Vista users using the KPC650 were stuck, until the other day :)

Kyocera released a new firmware and Window Vista Drivers. Note that these are drivers ONLY. Verizon's VZAccess Manager is NOT Vista-ready for the KPC650.

See EVDOforums discussion below for the latest news and user reports.

Official Kyocera Vista Firmware & Drivers
Kyocera KPC650 Windows Vista Success/Failure
Vista and EVDO Cards - Compatibility Info

Friday, March 02, 2007 with EV SSL: Now even more Secure is one of the first in the industry to offer the latest security for our customers.

Extended Validation SSL Certificates (also known as EV SSL) were created in direct response to the rise in internet scams and online fraud to make it easier for people transacting online to know that the sites they are using are secure. meets those stringent requirements (not every company can get one or pass the requirements), and we are one of the first wireless companies to be implementing EV SSL technology on our online store's site.

How do you know when you are visiting a web site that offers this extra security?

The Internet Explorer 7's address bar will turn green when you are on a page that asks for confidential information, like when placing a Verizon or Sprint Order from Also, when you are purchasing an antenna, router, or amplifier, you will also see green in the address bar.

*** Please Read ***

Many shopping sites may be collecting your private information (credit card, SSN, etc.) and then emailing this private information over the internet using in clear text, which is very bad. One way to determine this is to look at the URL that you started with and see if it switches to another site. If it does, then it is likely that the order form info is being collected by a different site or company. One that you may not have intended to deal with! Additionally, many sites may show the padlock that indicates the connection is SSL encrypted, BUT that doesn't indicate the company has gone through the rigorous 3rd party validation that is required to get an 'Extended Validation' SSL certificate, like we have done at

Merlin EX720 ExpressCard to PCMCIA Adapter

Here's a modern day technology dilemma that we get calls about every day.

You want to buy a faster Rev-A EVDO device and your hefty older laptop only has the tried and true PCMCIA slot... You just know that you'll be buying a sexy new laptop with one of them anorexic ExpressCard slots you been hearing about.

The concern is that you are going to be locked into a 2 year contract with any Rev-A PCMCIA card that works with your existing laptop, and when you buy that new laptop you will have to purchase a new ExpressCard without a service contract for the full retail price of $329. This is what the carriers call an UPGRADE. Most of our customers have more colorful names for it, but we won't repeat those here...

Wait! the EVDO Experts have a much better solution.

We'll sell you a brand new Sprint EVDO Rev-A Merlin EX720 ExpressCard with an adapter that allows the ExpressCard to work in a PCMCIA slot. This lets you use today's latest and greatest on your older PCMCIA laptop! Sometime over the next 2 years when you upgrade to a new laptop with an ExpressCard slot, you don't have to fork out an additional $329! All you do is remove the ExpressCard from the adapter and use the same card in your new laptop. Sweet!

This is especially smart for PowerBook users who will be upgrading to a new MacBook Pro. For Windows users, most older Dells have PCMCIA or PC Slots, but all the new Dells have ExpressCard slots.

The ExpressCard adapter costs $49.99 when purchased with the Merlin EX720. The picture at the top of the page shows a 15" PowerBook with a Merlin EX720 ExpressCard inserted into the adapter.

Here's an important reminder: If you are a PowerBook user, please remember that Sprint does not support Macs and Apple does not support EVDO. Every EVDO device purchased directly from Sprint will not work with your Mac, right out of the box. Doesn't matter what the kid in the Sprint store told you.

When buying your Sprint EVDO devices from, just ask for our 'Activation' option and we will get it ready for Mac use before we ship it to you. We'll also send you Mac driver software on CD, and provide easy-to-follow instructions.

Most importantly, all of our customers can call us with their questions and get the best customer support in the business.

For those of you who are thinking about upgrading to a laptop that does not have any slots at all, a great option is to get a USB device like the Sprint U720 or Verizon USB720.

For more info, see these articles on EVDOinfo:

Merlin EX720 and PCMCIA Laptops

Securely Order a Sprint Merlin EX720 or U720
Securely Order a Verizon USB720
Questions - Contact the EVDO Experts

Thursday, March 01, 2007

EVDO Help by

The EVDO Experts at now have a "starting point" to provide new users the EVDO help they need.

We get tons of questions about EVDO every single day! We help these people on the phone, via email and even chatting by instant messenger. We know that even though we have a ton of information on our web sites, some people are just getting started and are completely overwhelmed with the amount of information we provide. Its hard to know where to start, and the information we have posted from EVDO's 'olden days' (you know... like Rev-0 devices) can really cause a lot of confusion!

We want to make things simple for the people just finding out about EVDO, so we created the Easy EVDO link at the top of

If you are just beginning and want to get a quick EVDO-education, just click on the red EVDO button and we will help you get educated fast!

Of course, if you don't like reading, just contact us.