Thursday, March 01, 2007

EVDO Help by

The EVDO Experts at now have a "starting point" to provide new users the EVDO help they need.

We get tons of questions about EVDO every single day! We help these people on the phone, via email and even chatting by instant messenger. We know that even though we have a ton of information on our web sites, some people are just getting started and are completely overwhelmed with the amount of information we provide. Its hard to know where to start, and the information we have posted from EVDO's 'olden days' (you know... like Rev-0 devices) can really cause a lot of confusion!

We want to make things simple for the people just finding out about EVDO, so we created the Easy EVDO link at the top of

If you are just beginning and want to get a quick EVDO-education, just click on the red EVDO button and we will help you get educated fast!

Of course, if you don't like reading, just contact us.