Friday, March 02, 2007

Merlin EX720 ExpressCard to PCMCIA Adapter

Here's a modern day technology dilemma that we get calls about every day.

You want to buy a faster Rev-A EVDO device and your hefty older laptop only has the tried and true PCMCIA slot... You just know that you'll be buying a sexy new laptop with one of them anorexic ExpressCard slots you been hearing about.

The concern is that you are going to be locked into a 2 year contract with any Rev-A PCMCIA card that works with your existing laptop, and when you buy that new laptop you will have to purchase a new ExpressCard without a service contract for the full retail price of $329. This is what the carriers call an UPGRADE. Most of our customers have more colorful names for it, but we won't repeat those here...

Wait! the EVDO Experts have a much better solution.

We'll sell you a brand new Sprint EVDO Rev-A Merlin EX720 ExpressCard with an adapter that allows the ExpressCard to work in a PCMCIA slot. This lets you use today's latest and greatest on your older PCMCIA laptop! Sometime over the next 2 years when you upgrade to a new laptop with an ExpressCard slot, you don't have to fork out an additional $329! All you do is remove the ExpressCard from the adapter and use the same card in your new laptop. Sweet!

This is especially smart for PowerBook users who will be upgrading to a new MacBook Pro. For Windows users, most older Dells have PCMCIA or PC Slots, but all the new Dells have ExpressCard slots.

The ExpressCard adapter costs $49.99 when purchased with the Merlin EX720. The picture at the top of the page shows a 15" PowerBook with a Merlin EX720 ExpressCard inserted into the adapter.

Here's an important reminder: If you are a PowerBook user, please remember that Sprint does not support Macs and Apple does not support EVDO. Every EVDO device purchased directly from Sprint will not work with your Mac, right out of the box. Doesn't matter what the kid in the Sprint store told you.

When buying your Sprint EVDO devices from, just ask for our 'Activation' option and we will get it ready for Mac use before we ship it to you. We'll also send you Mac driver software on CD, and provide easy-to-follow instructions.

Most importantly, all of our customers can call us with their questions and get the best customer support in the business.

For those of you who are thinking about upgrading to a laptop that does not have any slots at all, a great option is to get a USB device like the Sprint U720 or Verizon USB720.

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