Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sierra Aircard 595U - Mac Compatible

Sierra and Sprint will soon be shipping the Aircard 595U, which is the latest EVDO Rev A USB device. The unique features of this USB modem are:

  • Included Cradle - (can be used in cradle or directly in USB port)
  • Swivel USB connector, so that the USB connector is protected OR the device can sit upright when plugged in USB port (may help reception)
  • internal rechargeable battery (always recharging form USB), and when in weaker signal areas can use battery to help with performance
  • External antenna port for external antennas and amplifiers (see 3Gstore for more info)
  • Mac OS X compatibility (more on this after shipping - it WILL be Mac compatible, but will require pre-activation from the and an additional CD that we will include)
We will have more to say after we get a 595U for testing.

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