Friday, March 16, 2007

Sprint EVDO Corporate Discounts

You have a dilemma. You get Sprint corporate discounts, or employee purchase discounts direct from Sprint, BUT you want to purchase your device from /, because of the Mac Support and other expert support they provide. Maybe you want additional discounts you get on routers, amplifiers, antennas, that you only get when purchasing your cards with activation from 3Gstore?

Since the / became a Sprint Master Agent, we are able to offer the following:
  • Honor your existing corporate discounts you get from Sprint (ability to add to your existing bill).
  • Honor Employee Purchase Programs you have with Sprint (work for a large corporation, take advantage of your employee discount).
  • Discounts on routers/antennas/amplifiers when you purchase your connection card w/service from us.
  • Offer another layer of support/service vs. buying direct (you can call us for support before calling Sprint).
  • Besides expert support, we also have a full range of products that are not offered in one place (Sprint Cards, Mac Support, 5 different antennas, 4 different routers, Amplifiers, etc.).
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