Friday, March 16, 2007

Sprint EVDO Mobile Broadband and Vista

Hello Vista, We Have a Problem!

There is a big problem going on right now for Vista users who purchase a new Sprint Mobile Broadband Card. If your laptop ONLY has Vista (as most brand new laptops that you might purchase), if you walk into a Sprint store and purchase a Mobile Broadband card, you will soon find out the problem. The CD that is included is for Windows XP and will not install under Windows Vista. If you do not have an alternate internet connection, you will not be able to use your connection card. We found this out from a very patient customer (thanks Mr. McCurdy). He had to drive around looking for open WiFi hotspots to download the latest Vista software. Once he got the latest, one of technical support guys talked him through the installation. We don't want any other customers to go through this, so we have added a new option when ordering Sprint EVDO cards from

A service that we have been offering for Mac Users (for some time), is now available for Vista Users. We now offer Pre-Activation of your Sprint Cards AND we include a CD with the latest Vista Drivers. That way, when you get your new Sprint EVDO Card, you will not have to drive around or steal WiFi to make your new EVDO Card work.

First check to make sure the card you want, is Vista Compatible, check our EVDO Device Comparison. You can also check on latest Vista EVDO Compatibility info on our EVDOforums thread: Vista and EVDO Cards - Compatibility Info. Of course, you can always contact us directly.

Next, when placing an your order at, be sure to select the Pre-Activation option, which means we activate your EVDO card before shipping it to you.