Wednesday, March 21, 2007

VZAccess Manager and Mac OS X 10.4.9 Conflict

Verizon V740, USB720, V640 Conflict with VZAccess and Mac OS X 10.4.9

Many users are going to get their brand new Verizon USB720 or Novatel V740 Rev A ExpressCard and attempt to do the first time install with the included VZAccess and after VZAccess Manager asks them to insert their new Verizon card, they will be stuck on the following message:
Nothing that you do will allow VZAccess to "see" your V740, USB720 or V640.

OUCH, I thought the EVDO Experts at /, told me that this stuffed all worked. Well we did, BUT Apple's recently added EVDO support to Mac OS X 10.4.9 / Apple WWAN Update and it conflicts with Verizon's VZAccess (that is included with your Verizon cards).

Does this problem affect the Sprint Merlin EX720 or U720? Nope! Since, Sprint doesn't have a native connection manager for Apple, there are no conflicts (hint, we still need a native Sprint connection manager, since you cannot activate, update firmware, or see when you are in a Rev A area, without a supported connection manager).

We wonder how many Mac users (who purchased direct, VZW Store, or other resellers) will call Verizon Tech Support and after explaining that their brand new card is being recognized by VZAccess Manager, Verizon will probably say, "Your card must be bad, we will send you out a replacement". Until Verizon or Apple fixes this, many mac users will start off with a bad taste in their mouth.

If you purchased your Verizon V740 or USB720 from, please send an email to support at with a subject of 'Send WWAN Removal PDF', be sure to include your full name, so that we an confirm you purchased your Verizon card from us (we only provide support for our customers).

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