Monday, March 05, 2007

Why Buy EVDO From

Our Cary, Illinois company has been around since 1988, and began focusing its efforts on EVDO in 2004 after they realized that there were few sites providing helpful and honest information about EVDO products and services. Today we operate five websites, each representing EVDO for a different reason, but always with the mission of providing helpful information to the internet audience who is searching for it.

Our company is both a Sprint Master Agent and an authorized Verizon reseller. We are very well versed in both carrier's entire EVDO Data Device product lines, and in many cases we not only had product available for sale first, but we also have online product reviews long before anyone else does.

With the exposure gained by operating our highly-trafficked news/portal site -- -- we have attracted thousands of people interested in EVDO devices and service.

To help our customers learn about EVDO, we've talked on the phone for hours on end, answered thousands and thousands of emails, and chatted on every imaginable instant-messenging network. We've even answered emails from our cell phones while we were at soccer games, dinner engagements, family gatherings and countless other situations where most retailers would never normally be 'in touch'. Much to the chagrin of our beloved spouses and children!

As a result, our super-secure ecommerce site -- (formerly -- has sold thousands of EVDO devices from both carriers. How secure is it? VERY secure. Most online stores are using 'industry-standard' SSL certificates. With today's online fraud, 'standard' SSL should not be considered secure enough for your purchases. is the first and quite possibly the only EVDO specialty retailer that has deployed an 'Extended Validation" SSL Certificate. Also known as "EV SSL", these certificates require a much more rigorous background check into the company and its ownership. Many companies will apply for EV SSL, but only a few like, will qualify. If you use Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP or Windows Vista, its easy to see this new level of security for yourself... just look for the 'Green Bar' with the padlock, to see which site is properly secured, and deserving of your business.

While we do sell a lot of EVDO devices by themselves, most of what we've sold were part of 'EVDO solutions' that included any combination of the antennas, amplifiers, and EVDO routers the we have tested and feel confident enough to sell and support. For some of our customers, it wasn't either/or - it was all of the above!

We've been asked to configure EVDO solutions for all kinds of people and all kinds of scenarios. Here are just a few examples:
  • Business Executives who live 'On-The-Go'
  • Special Event/Expo/Convention/Show Hotspots
  • Campsite, Cabin, Lake Home internet access
  • Full-Time RV’ers
  • Celebrity Tour Buses and other specialty vehicles
  • Limousine and Executive Taxi Fleets
  • In-vehicle Realtime GPS Tracking
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Marine/Offshore users
  • Construction Site Office
  • Security and/or Progress-Watching webcams
  • Overcoming client sites with restrictive networks
  • Remote data collection/distribution
  • Post-Op surgical monitoring
  • Short term installations at hospitals/clinics
Its hard to imagine someone calling us and asking for a solution we haven't already sold and supported many times over... But we look forward to the challenge.

If you are a Mac user looking for an EVDO solution, we have been providing Mac EVDO solutions for many years. We have provided hacks and directions to get almost all EVDO devices working with Macs, long before anyone else :)

Our product knowledge comes not just from personal experience, but because we've sold and supported so much of the product. Because of our sales volume, many of our vendors have taken an interest in us and provide special support that allows us to provide the best possible service to our customers. Want an example? Check out this forum thread. Now, that's service! For more about what our customers say about 3GStore, check out these Customer Comments.

We don't know of any company that represents as complete a package as 3GStore does:
  • actual users of EVDO data devices and options/accessories;
  • resellers of all EVDO data devices from both major carriers;
  • expert resellers for EVDO options like routers/antennas/amps;
  • experienced pre-sales engineering and consultation staff;
  • online store with (rare) EV SSL certificate;
  • phone sales/support from 9am to 7pm central time, Monday to Friday;
  • free post-sale customer support for our entire line of products;
  • drop-ship capabilities from warehouses in three states;
  • popular EVDO news/portal and user forums websites;
  • Usually first to get newest devices;
  • Many special relationships throughout the industry.
Without a doubt, the most important reason to deal with 3Gstore is that our expertise provides our customers with the best possible support.