Monday, April 09, 2007

3Gstore helps Customers Use GPS from EVDO Cards

Did you know that your cool new Sprint EVDO device may also serve as a real GPS device that can be used by software programs such as Google Earth or Microsoft's Streets and Trips?

As of April 10, 2007, the following Sprint cards support built-in GPS:

The green icon on the above map is our actual location, using the built-in GPS of the Merlin S720 and Streets and Trips.

If you are an RV'r, trucker or spend a lot of time in you car, take family vacations or always getting lost, you really should consider a Sprint EVDO card with built-in GPS. Not only will you get internet access while on the road - but you will also get real-time mapping and directions without purchasing any additional equipment.

Customer's who purchase their Sprint card from are entitled to this free pdf that explains how to use the built-in GPS with both Google Earth and Streets and Trips.

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