Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Note From a Happy 3Gstore Customer:)

A Letter From A Satisfied Customer

April 13, 2007, 06:25 PM
Subject: Thank you

If you check my email address, you will see that I have been talking to you back and forth for the last 2 weeks about being able to receive Sprint PCS EVDO at my new Greenville, Ohio home which is WAY out in the boonies. If you recall, I live about 1/4 mile away from an Orange area on the EVDO map and wondered if this service with antenna, amp, etc. would work for me.

Every question I asked, you replied to in a timely fashion and most importantly, you DO know what the hell you are talking about!!! You said, "if anything, those maps are conservative and usually a 1/4 mile is nothing."

You were so right.

I bought the whole enchilada from you:

I bought the Sierra Aircard 595 and 2 years Sprint service.
I bought the Omni antenna
I bought the Amp
I bought the Linksys wireless router (WRT54G3G-ST wow is this nice)
I bought the 5.5 DB upgrade antenna for the router
I bought 15 feet extension cable.

Today I got it all hooked up properly, antenna on the roof to amp inside to router and aircard. Setup was WAY easier than I expected and the end result was 4 BARS !! Four bars in an area with NO bars (or maybe 1/2 a bar if I lean just the right way..this was checked prior to putting the Sprint card into the router)

EVDO service, broadband speed and my own wireless hotspot that to my surprise covers all 5000 square feet of the house, garage and basement! I can even roam around the yard a little bit.

This router is simply amazing! I can't believe the range it has.
Is that a new thing? Seems my old router I have for my old broadband really starts to peter out if you go into the next room but this new Linksys you guys sold me seems just as strong at one end of my house as the other! Amazing! Linksys says they have a 'N' model with even more range and 12X speedmark and 4X you plan on selling it 'cause I might be interested! Cool

In fact everything you guys sold me was amazing (can you tell I am a happy customer?) and it turns out I needed each and every item.

My only other options out here were dialup or satellite.

Neither worth even having the internet IMHO. I would rather pluck my eyes out!

Thank you so much, I am 100% happy after day 1 in full operation.
As long as Sprint doesn't start limiting bandwidth like Verizon, I think I will remain a happy customer for years to come!

You guys rule!

Jim Cantrell

BTW, one point of this customer's note, is that the EVDO Maps are usually conservative. It is a good idea to base you decision on the maps, but talk to the EVDO Experts before ordering :)