Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Novatel U720 USB720 Why Its So Big

We spoke with Novatel last week at the CTIA show and they told us they wanted to come out to market as fast as possible with the first EVDO USB Rev A Modem, so they had a short time for development.

Our tech guys decided to see what was in the Sprint Merlin U720 and Verizon USB720 (same Novatel USB Modem) and why it was so large.

Apparently, Novatel developed a single PCI Express Mini Card (the same one that is used embedded in laptops) and put a case around it and add a USB port and you have the Novatel U720/USB720.

Here are the pictures.

[Per Novatel Request - Image has been Removed]

We have a discussion on the inside of the Novatel 720 on EVDOforums.com. I am sure that users that discover what is inside, will try plugging the embedded E720 in other laptops and devices. Maybe a bunch of hobbyists will start ripping apart their Novatel USB modems and putting the insides in all kinds of cool devices. Time will tell.

Disclaimer - this will void your warranty - so it may not be a good idea to take yours apart.

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