Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sprint Connection Cards and Vista - April Update

Vista and EVDO - Still Issues (but getting better)

We wrote an article called Sprint EVDO Mobile Broadband and Vista last month and this article is an update to what is new with EVDO and Vista.

Here is a call that we just took (hint, we get many of these calls)

caller: I purchased a mobile broadband card from a Sprint store. They told me it would work with Vista. I couldn't get it to work. I called Sprint Tech Support and they didn't have a clue.

us: Let me guess, you got the Pantech PX-500

caller: yes

us: Well, the PX-500 doesn't have Vista drivers available yet.

caller: yes, I saw that on your web site. I wish I would have contacted you first.

us: Yes, you would have saved time and also, for Vista users, we pre-activate the card and include a CD with the latest Vista software.

So, we talked about the different cards. The caller agreed to return his card and cancel the service and get everything from us, for the same price, but now he gets to call us for tech support - if needed. Also, he gets discounts on any antennas, amplifiers or routers that he may need too :)

Update as of April 4, 2007:

Sprint has recently released drivers for Novatel S720, U720, EX720 (32 bit vista) and AirCard 595 32bit and 64bit. Still no drivers for Pantech PX-500.

When ordering your Sprint Mobile Broadband Card from, be sure to select "Pre-Activate for Vista" and we will do the following:
  • Pre-Activate the device
  • Update the Firmware (required by 4/30/07)
  • Update the PRL to the latest
  • Test Device
  • Added CD with Latest Sprint Vista Connection Managers

For the latest, see: