Thursday, May 17, 2007

3Gstore now offers Vista Preactivation for Sprint EVDO PX-500

When Windows Vista was released, new customers of Sprint's EVDO service were faced with frustrating hours spent trying to get their cards to work on Vista. The CD's that shipped with the cards were never updated for use on Vista, and neither was the software on the CD's.

After a few weeks, the Vista software needed for a few of the devices became available on the Sprint site but the CDs that shipped with cards were still a problem. If a customer bought a device and took it home but had no way to get online to download new software, there was going to be no way to activate and use their new toy.

Once we understood the issues, immediately started offering its "Free PreActivation" service to Vista users of every device EXCEPT the PX500, which had no proper drivers/software for Vista.

Finally, after weeks of waiting for the right software, is now able to offer the same PreActivation service for customers wanting to buy the PX500 for use on Vista.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Current Intel Macs EVDO Capable -

The Mac & EVDO Experts at are showing that the current Intel Based Macs are indeed EVDO Capable with internal EVDO embedded modems. These devices are not available from Apple directly, but through some clever testing, shows how to add embedded EVDO into MacBook, MacBook Pro, even a Mac Mini.

Apple is rumored to be working on embedded EVDO in future Macs, however, the current Intel based Macs ALREADY have the capability.

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3Gstore Ships GPS Enabled KR1 EVDO Router

Today, is announcing a new way to benefit from the KR1 Router with EVDO service: Our new GPS Module for the Kyocera KR1 Router provides customers the ability to use Google Earth to do RealTime GPS Tracking, with NO additional GPS tracking fees!

Our GPS Module consists of a transceiver that connects to the KR1's data port using our proprietary cable, custom KR1 firmware, and detailed PDF instruction manual. When properly installed, the KR1 uses the transceiver to determine the vehicle's realtime GPS position and makes that information available to Google Earth as often as once every 30 seconds!

Unlike many similar offerings we've found available, our solution does not require any monthly charges specific to GPS realtime tracking. However, the feature is dependent on the EVDO service that the KR1 is normally used for. EVDO monthly charges are $60 to $80/mo and allows customers to have unlimited access to web sites, email, instant messaging and other popular internet services. With our GPS Module, 3GStore customers who use their KR1 with EVDO service for internet access in their vehicle, will pay NOTHING EXTRA PER MONTH FOR REALTIME GPS TRACKING.

There are many reasons for businesses to consider the combination of the KR1 with our GPS Module:

  • No more lost drivers and more "On-Time" deliveries.
  • Lower fuel costs and less wasted mileage means overall lower maintenance costs.
  • Improved customer service/satisfaction since you know where everyone in your fleet is at all times.
  • Lowest total cost of ownership, if business already has KR1's deployed to fleet.
  • and of course, with EVDO through KR1, staff has unlimited access to internet. Email, chat, google... anything! anytime!

The GPS Module is also great for anyone who just wants to:

  • Let friends and family track progress of your latest adventure.
  • Let bloggers show their audience where they are as they travel to different events.
  • Let RVers track each other as they drive across the nation.
  • Let parents track their children everywhere they go.
  • Let spouses know where their other half really is.
  • See where they are at, while they are driving!

How does our product compare to what else is out there? We found some sites selling GPS realtime tracking service that offered a lot of fancy reporting and interactive features. These services all generally charged $20/mo to $120/mo for their GPS specific services and none of their devices allowed unlimited internet access to high-speed 3G EVDO wireless broadband.

For more info visit:

3Gstore ships GPS Module for KR1 EVDO Router

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Linksys WRT54G3G-ST Support RESOLVED

Three weeks ago, we published the following article: LinkSys WRT54G3G-ST Support Issues

We were not very happy with Sprint or Linksys because neither provided warranty replacements for the LinkSys 3G Mobile Router (WRT54G3G-ST). After three weeks, Linksys has resolved this "support black hole". Great Job!

So, if you purchased your Linksys WRT54G3G-ST from AND you are experiencing hardware problems and you need a replacement, please send an email to support at with a subject of "LinkSys 3G Warranty Replacement" (also include your invoice number). We will reply to you with the exact steps to follow and what exactly to do (trust us, follow our steps and you will save a bunch of time).

Thanks Linksys :)

P.S. Now all you have to do is resolve the WRT54G3G-ST upload issue

Friday, May 04, 2007

Kyocera KR1 Now Supports More EVDO Rev-A Devices

New firmware just released allows the Kyocera KR1 EVDO Mobile Router to work with some of the latest EVDO Rev A Cards.

Firmware RK1010 adds support for Sprint Ovation U720, Sprint PX-500, Verizon USB720, Verizon PC5750 and the Kyocera KPC680 (Rev A ExpressCard with adapter - not yet shipping).

We believe that fully supporting the EVDO USB modems from Verizon & Sprint offers a "killer combo". Not only do you get instant portable hotspot, BUT when you are not needing the router, just unplug the USB720/U720 and use in any desktop, laptop, mac or Windows. That gives a lot of flexibility.

The Kyocera KR1 has been Available since February 2006. It has been a workhorse for 1000s of customers. With the support of the latest Rev A devices - it will become a workhorse for even more :)

Currently the RK1010 firmware is available for 3Gstore customers only, we expect Kyocera to post it to their web site, sometime next week.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sprint vs. Nextel Billing - YOU Lose!

Sprint and Nextel Merged (or was it an acquisition?) awhile back and there have been some strange things going on with the backend billing system. For starters, if you started off with a Nextel account and you want to add Sprint service (e.g. mobile broadband card), you are treated like you are a new customer. Why? The Sprint & Nextel billing systems are separate - YES - if you were a previous Nextel customer AND your current bill says "Sprint" at the top, you are not in the Sprint billing system. If you have IDEN push to talk and mobile broadband, you have to have 2 bills, no other options - but just a minor inconvenience.

This month Sprint is converting over all their Sprint customers to the Nextel billing system - apparently a step in integrating the two billing systems. BUT, someone didn't think things through completely. During the conversion, they are taking groups of customers and for a period of 4-7 days, those customers cannot add any new lines of service to their existing accounts. This is for ALL Sprint sales channels.

How did we find this out. One of our Sprint orders today, would not go through. After spending hours on the phone (yes, even as a "Master Agent", we sometimes get the same treatment), we are told that the customer cannot make his purchase this week.


How friendly is that? Why not do this kind of conversion in the evenings or weekends? No notice?

There has been only one customer today that had this problem - BUT there will probably be more over the next few weeks. First of all, we are sorry, if your order cannot be placed immediately. Please understand - that Sprint is doing this - NOT US!

Now the good news.... If you are new to Sprint and don't have an existing account, you will not have a problem.

Tip for existing customers.... If you cannot wait, use your spouses social security number, assuming that they don't have an existing Sprint account.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mac Sprint Connection Manager Being Developed

Sprint was showing a new Sprint Connection Manager at the recent CTIA show and it looked very impressive. According to insiders at, the Sprint Connection Manager will be released in 3 releases:
  • Sprint Connection Manager 1.0 - supports AC595 & AC595U Only - Available end of May 2007
  • Sprint Connection Manager 1.1 - adds support for GSM roaming, phone as modem supported
  • Sprint Connection Manager 2.0 - adds support for ALL connection cards (PCMCIA, USB, ExpressCard, Embedded) AND adds support for Mac & Linux
This is GREAT news for Mac users and gives us a light at the end of the tunnel. It probably won't be released until later in 2007 - BUT it is coming.

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