Thursday, May 17, 2007

3Gstore now offers Vista Preactivation for Sprint EVDO PX-500

When Windows Vista was released, new customers of Sprint's EVDO service were faced with frustrating hours spent trying to get their cards to work on Vista. The CD's that shipped with the cards were never updated for use on Vista, and neither was the software on the CD's.

After a few weeks, the Vista software needed for a few of the devices became available on the Sprint site but the CDs that shipped with cards were still a problem. If a customer bought a device and took it home but had no way to get online to download new software, there was going to be no way to activate and use their new toy.

Once we understood the issues, immediately started offering its "Free PreActivation" service to Vista users of every device EXCEPT the PX500, which had no proper drivers/software for Vista.

Finally, after weeks of waiting for the right software, is now able to offer the same PreActivation service for customers wanting to buy the PX500 for use on Vista.