Monday, May 14, 2007

3Gstore Ships GPS Enabled KR1 EVDO Router

Today, is announcing a new way to benefit from the KR1 Router with EVDO service: Our new GPS Module for the Kyocera KR1 Router provides customers the ability to use Google Earth to do RealTime GPS Tracking, with NO additional GPS tracking fees!

Our GPS Module consists of a transceiver that connects to the KR1's data port using our proprietary cable, custom KR1 firmware, and detailed PDF instruction manual. When properly installed, the KR1 uses the transceiver to determine the vehicle's realtime GPS position and makes that information available to Google Earth as often as once every 30 seconds!

Unlike many similar offerings we've found available, our solution does not require any monthly charges specific to GPS realtime tracking. However, the feature is dependent on the EVDO service that the KR1 is normally used for. EVDO monthly charges are $60 to $80/mo and allows customers to have unlimited access to web sites, email, instant messaging and other popular internet services. With our GPS Module, 3GStore customers who use their KR1 with EVDO service for internet access in their vehicle, will pay NOTHING EXTRA PER MONTH FOR REALTIME GPS TRACKING.

There are many reasons for businesses to consider the combination of the KR1 with our GPS Module:

  • No more lost drivers and more "On-Time" deliveries.
  • Lower fuel costs and less wasted mileage means overall lower maintenance costs.
  • Improved customer service/satisfaction since you know where everyone in your fleet is at all times.
  • Lowest total cost of ownership, if business already has KR1's deployed to fleet.
  • and of course, with EVDO through KR1, staff has unlimited access to internet. Email, chat, google... anything! anytime!

The GPS Module is also great for anyone who just wants to:

  • Let friends and family track progress of your latest adventure.
  • Let bloggers show their audience where they are as they travel to different events.
  • Let RVers track each other as they drive across the nation.
  • Let parents track their children everywhere they go.
  • Let spouses know where their other half really is.
  • See where they are at, while they are driving!

How does our product compare to what else is out there? We found some sites selling GPS realtime tracking service that offered a lot of fancy reporting and interactive features. These services all generally charged $20/mo to $120/mo for their GPS specific services and none of their devices allowed unlimited internet access to high-speed 3G EVDO wireless broadband.

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3Gstore ships GPS Module for KR1 EVDO Router