Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sprint vs. Nextel Billing - YOU Lose!

Sprint and Nextel Merged (or was it an acquisition?) awhile back and there have been some strange things going on with the backend billing system. For starters, if you started off with a Nextel account and you want to add Sprint service (e.g. mobile broadband card), you are treated like you are a new customer. Why? The Sprint & Nextel billing systems are separate - YES - if you were a previous Nextel customer AND your current bill says "Sprint" at the top, you are not in the Sprint billing system. If you have IDEN push to talk and mobile broadband, you have to have 2 bills, no other options - but just a minor inconvenience.

This month Sprint is converting over all their Sprint customers to the Nextel billing system - apparently a step in integrating the two billing systems. BUT, someone didn't think things through completely. During the conversion, they are taking groups of customers and for a period of 4-7 days, those customers cannot add any new lines of service to their existing accounts. This is for ALL Sprint sales channels.

How did we find this out. One of our Sprint orders today, would not go through. After spending hours on the phone (yes, even as a "Master Agent", we sometimes get the same treatment), we are told that the customer cannot make his purchase this week.


How friendly is that? Why not do this kind of conversion in the evenings or weekends? No notice?

There has been only one customer today that had this problem - BUT there will probably be more over the next few weeks. First of all, we are sorry, if your order cannot be placed immediately. Please understand - that Sprint is doing this - NOT US!

Now the good news.... If you are new to Sprint and don't have an existing account, you will not have a problem.

Tip for existing customers.... If you cannot wait, use your spouses social security number, assuming that they don't have an existing Sprint account.