Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sprint works around Qualcomm chip ban

Earlier this month the U.S. International Trace Commission decided in favor of BroadCom Corp. in a dispute over a patent, and announced a ban on cellular phone chips made by Qualcomm Inc.

Since that time, many industry pundits have suggested that the chip ban would seriously impact new phone releases by two major players who depend heavily on qualcomm-- Sprint and Verizon.

But last week, Sprint did manage to announce for sale and start shipping the new PPC-6800 aka HTC Mogul and many wondered how it was possible for them to to pull it off.

The answer comes from a recent Reuters news release where Sprint product manager Brita Horton admitted, "Qualcomm gave us a software patch that ... lets us keep shipping,"

With the "patch" that Qualcomm has provided to Sprint, they should be unaffected by the ban and can bring out as many new devices as that want to this year.

For more information, you can read the full Reuters news release here.