Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Top Global MB6000 Phoebus 3G EVDO Router On Sale for $199.99

Forget about relying on slow dial-up connections or being tethered to low-range WiFi networks! Plug in your 3G (UMTS / EDGE / EVDO / 1xRTT) card and you can have an instant WiFI access point anytime, anywhere. The 3G Phoebus allows you to share one network connection with all of your laptops, PDAs, WiFi phone quickly and securely. Since there are no drivers necessary, it is a snap to connect all your cellular devices to the internet.

Customers who buy their EVDO card with service contract can now add a Top Global MB6000 EVDO Router to their orders for just $199.99 Just select the MB6000 as your router option on 3GStore's Sprint Order Form or Verizon Order Form

Already have an EVDO card? You can still get the MB6000 for just $249.99 using this link.

All MB6000's from 3GStore ship with *latest* firmware already installed and will work with the latest Rev-A cards from Sprint and Verizon, including the ExpressCards! (pcmcia adapter needed. no USB modems, sorry) -- check out the card compatibility chart for latest info