Friday, June 29, 2007

Verizon Announces That Entire EVDO Network Is Now Rev-A

Today is June 29, 2007. It is a day that all who follow technology and gadgets of any sort, are going to remember as the day the iPhone was launched.

iPhone's launch comes after months of hype that some pundits are calling the greatest product launch build-up, ever.

So if you are the communications carrier that actually turned down the opportunity to be associated with this great and wonderful iPhone... what are you going to do to try and regain some respect, on iPhoneDay? It better be good enough to steal at least some attention from all the iPhone buzz, right? Or why bother? OK, here goes nothing.

Verizon Announces That Its Entire EVDO Network Is Now Revision A

There. They said it. Now pay attention and realize what it means... and remember Verizon wants bloggers to write good things about it!

One has to wonder if Sprint is planning a similar announcement on iPhoneDay... hmmmm.

Feel like discussing the implications of making such an announcement on a day like today? Head on over to where opinions are sure to be plentiful.