Thursday, July 05, 2007

EVDOforums user Fixes Upload Issue on LinkSys WRT54G3G-ST 3G EVDO Router

Back in October 2006, started selling and supporting the Linksys WRT54G3G-ST 3G EVDO Router and shortly thereafter our customers and other members of noticed that upload speeds through the router were significantly slower than if the same EVDO card were used directly in a laptop, or in other compatible routers.

After the first few months the router was available, new firmware was introduced that allowed for more cards to be used... but the upload problem remained.

Linksys and Sprint were both advised of the issue and folks who claimed to be associated with Linksys admitted that they knew of the problem and that Linksys was working on new firmware that would fix the problem "real soon now".

The wait for a fix became so unbearable for some frustrated members of EVDoforums that they started to dig into the problem themselves, realizing that the router was similar to Linksys models that use Open Source software.

This week, one of the forum members appears to have put together a version of "OpenWRT" that fixed the upload problem on the Linkys EVDO router. The EVDO community wants to thank HeavlyArmdPokey for his efforts to find the solution.

Nine Months. Linksys couldn't do it. Sprint wouldn't do it.
Thank goodness the router uses open source software so that someone could fix it, and EVDOforums could help get the word out.