Friday, July 13, 2007

Hey Sprint... Update Your EVDO Router's firmware already!

We recently blogged about members of who appeared to have found a solution to a very frustrating issue with throttled upload speeds on Sprint's Linksys 3G EVDO Router...

Shortly after that blogpost, we were contacted by a Linksys engineer who shall remain anonymous. Part of the email exchange went like this:

"... problem is Sprint never asked for the fixed software from Linksys so the fixed image was never available to the customer. I am not sure how to bridge the gap between Sprint and linksys, but will ask. Maybe you can put some pressure on someone on Sprint side and have them get the software?"

No need to ask us twice.

Consider all our Sprint contacts to have been fully pressurized. We also have a beta copy of the fixed firmware and it indeed does fix the upload issue!

Now let's see how long Sprint decides to torture their customers who shelled out $250 a pop for their EVDO Routers.